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Security Audit? Who needs one of those?

Here’s an interesting screenshot I just took on a website: If you’re into development in any shape or form, you’ll see a number of security issues Three has with their website, including but not limited to: Password stored in plain text in a connection string… Read more »

Security in the cloud

Here’s an interesting concept I came across today. It’s a computer protection product called Alertsec that lets you secure your computer. There are many scenarios where this is useful; if you have a laptop you take with you on your travels, if you have employees… Read more »

Firefox turns off WPF plugin

I was greeting with an interesting dialog box when I got back to my computer just now: I did some digging and it turns out that WPF did have a vulnerability, but it was patched a couple of days ago. Firefox, however, has no way… Read more »

National Identity Fraud Prevention Week

I’ve just found out that it’s National Identity Fraud Prevention Week in the UK at the moment. What is ID fraud? Well, it’s when someone impersonates you or your company and commits criminal deeds which you may eventually be blamed for. The most common crime… Read more »

Looking for an Excel password?

Have you ever had a password-protected Excel document that needed opening up? It happened to me a couple of years ago. I worked for a company that used an Excel sheet in a shared folder to store passwords to different websites that the company had… Read more »

Secure your systems with FortressSSH

I came across a great whitepaper by a company called Pragma Systems that talks about their Fortress product line, designed to secure a wide variety of different platforms using protocols like SSH, SFTP, SCP and others. They have a variety of different offerings ranging from… Read more »

Clickjacking here’s how it works

I’ve posted before about Clickjacking and how scary this is for most Internet users, regardless of which browser you’re using or whether you have Javascript turn on or off. There’s more information about the threat on the Interweb today, including a demo of how the… Read more »