Prepaid calling cards

One absolute disaster we had in Pisa was a complete lack of communication with the
rest of the world. Our Manx telecom PAYG phones wouldn’t connect to any of the local
networks; our UK phone was out of credit, yours truly had forgotten his passwords
to top it up; and the hotel’s WIFI network was on the fritz. So we ended up using
calling cards and internet Wifi credit topup cards most of the time.

How do prepaid calling cards work? Well, the user calls a freephone (toll-free) numbers,
enters a PIN or some sort of access code, then dials the number they wish to call.
Rates are usually much cheaper than local telecoms providers thanks to technologies
that the calling card provider uses (VOIP, multiplexed calls etc). The net effect
is that you can make your call from anywhere, for a fraction of the price your hotel
will charge for the privilege.

Nowadays you can get special prepaid calling cards, like oHello
Instant Phone Cards & Calling Cards
that give you the added advantage of being
able to manage your call records online. oHello give you the benefit of online billing
and also the ability to top up your account online, so you can just keep using your
card over and over again. They claim that you can save up to 90% on making calls through
them. Great world we live in huh?

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