Isle of Man’s e-commerce sets the standard

Apparently the Isle of Man’s e-Commerce industry has been selected by the South Korean island of Jeju as a template for which they are to base their efforts. They describe the Isle of Man as an “IT paradise created on a tourist island”. These are some core phrases they used to describe the island:

  • “The economy, which has been led by tourism and finance, has seen the special targeting of IT industries over the last ten years. Its industrial structure is making sustained economic growth possible even in a global recession.”
  • “The Isle of Man’s core strategy to develop IT industries is to attract foreign companies by drastically reducing taxes. Corporate taxes will be reduced 0%, giving the Island’s world’s lowest corporate tax rate.”
  • “Education is the foremost aspect of the Government’s IT strategy.”
  • “By installing WiFi facilities in various parts of the island, the Government has created an environment where people can use the internet anytime, anywhere, quickly and conveniently.”

More details on the Manx Press Release

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