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Good luck to @SatyaNadella and Microsoft


It’s great to see that finally Microsoft gets a chance to grab control of its future. The last few years under Ballmer’s direction have been positively dire! Even looking through Microsoft jobs gives one the feeling that they’re focusing predominantly on Sales Executives rather than… Read more »

Doing business in the Isle of Man

I came across a great write-up in the FT today entitled: Doing Business in the Isle of Man. it’s an 8-page special report that takes a look at a number of different aspects of the Isle of Man, ranging from the recent turmoil in the… Read more »

And Scrabulous bounces back ..

Just a few days after Facebook has had to remove access to Scrabulous for legal reason, it is now back under a new guise: WordScraper. Here’s what it says about itself: Welcome to Wordscraper. It’s the only game on Facebook that allows you to play… Read more »

RapidSwitch get a new DataCentre

Was just looking through some emails and I see that RapidSwitch have a new data centre in Berkshire. Here’s the complete press release: RapidSwitch, a leading supplier of dedicated servers and one of the fastest growing hosting companies in the UK, is building a new… Read more »

Samantha Barks KIDNAPPED!

Just saw a newsflash that Sam Barks, Manx girl taking part in the BBC show “I’ll do anything” has been kidnapped. Watch here: Ok, it’s another Long Tale TV Viral video, but as usual, it’s flawless executed, extremely topical (at least here in the Isle… Read more »

Interesting news day

It’s funny how some days there’s nothing interesting in the news and some days a whole bunch of different things capture your attention. It’s a bit like playing craps in one of these vegas hotels, you never know what you’re going to get! So, here’s… Read more »

Payperpost acquires Performancing

You might have heard in the latest tech news that PayPerPost has acquired Performancing. I first met Performancing a few months ago when I started using their blogging plugin for Firefox. This enables you to blog straight from your browser and quickly embed links and… Read more »