Wooden Laptop

*grin* .. Here’s something Ola should try

wooden laptop

i?ve got an old dell laptop that?s having _lots_ of problems, so i?ve been waiting
for some real inspiration (inspironation?) to tear the thing apart.

as luck would have it, the other day i got a message from asbesto,
who told me about a wooden laptop that he made:

Here is my laptop: the ?legnatile?; I replaced the plastic shell with
a wooden one; it took about 4 months of work, and now it?s lighter than the original
plastic shell. A unique piece, ultimate frontier of case modding, joint of natural
wood and leather, with high technology. Inspired by ?Snow Crash? by Neal Stephenson
? the FIRST real wooden laptop in the world!

nicely done!  i should tally this up:

  • old dell laptop hacked

  • case actually made entirely of wood and leather

  • neal stephenson reference

  • runs linux

one thing though ? if you go and make something really cool out of your old dell,
make sure to get your recalled
power adapter
replaced.  i?m not one to gripe about the malfunctioning keyboard,
meandering mouse pad, noisy fan, nonfunctional dvd, broken cdrom, buggy-bios-detroyed-my-battery
computing experience, but i would hate to see somebody?s work of art go up in flames.

go check out the legnatile
then go make your own laptop awesome.

a day]

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