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Check out Jibo: the social robot


Here’s an interesting one. It’s a little robot called Jibo that can be your digital assistant. It’s fixed in one place but has a multitude of sensors to help it find out what’s happening in the world around it. It can see, hear and speak… Read more »

Playing with Litecoin


So, after a foray into Bitcoin and NXTCoin, it’s time to play with some Litecoin. I got my hands on a Gridseed miner and wanted to play with it. Mining Bitcoin is getting exceedingly hard at the moment, so I picked Litecoin as a target… Read more »

Label your discs the professional way with CD printers

CD stack 02

There are many sophisticated types of CD printer on the market today, making it simple and easy, as well as cheap, to print your designs on to CDs or DVDs. Whether you are creating CDs or DVDs for home use or making copies to give… Read more »

Evohome – a step towards a smarter home!


As you probably know, I’m always looking for gadgets and devices to play with and having a smarter home is one thing that’s high up my list. I’ve been looking at Nest recently, but while I think it’s a really cool device, it doesn’t really… Read more »

Optical Image Stablization – Meet Lizzy!


What can we learn from Lizzy the chicken? Great video huh? As you can imagine, this blog post isn’t really about a chicken, but about the LG G2, one of the top phones on the market today. There are a couple of features on this… Read more »

Awesome Inflatable RC Android – hours of fun!


A few days ago I got my hands on a RC Inflatable Google Android ‘Pump and Play’ inflatable toy. As the name suggests, it’s an inflatable remote control device shaped like the Android mascot. And as my friend Nathan was so quick to point out,… Read more »

Playing with my Watchbot


So, a couple of weeks ago I got my hands on a Watchbot, a wifi-connected webcam that can be controlled from your computer or your phone. I’ve been wanting to play with one of these for a few years now. You may remember the early… Read more »