Even faster Firefox …

Found this on Darrell Norton’s blog …

Speeding up Firefox seems to be a meme going around the blogsphere lately. Most of the tips I’ve seen, though, are only for broadband connections with the latest hardware and only include some of the settings that would affect performance.

The Firefox Tweak Guide has the full details on how to speed up Firefox regardless of your connection or hardware, reprinted in part below. Don’t forget that the easiest way to tweak user files is with chromEdit extension.

[Darrell Norton’s Blog]

He follows that with a list of settings depending on your configuration. The settings are grouped:

  • Common to all configurations
  • Fast Computer Fast Connection
  • Fast Computer, Slower Connection
  • Fast Computer, Slow Connection
  • Slow Computer, Fast Connection
  • Slow Computer, Slow Connection

Excellent stuff!!

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