Solidsoft is growing!!

We had a company meeting yesterday which was great as I finally got to meet all the
people I’ve been sending email to and speaking to over the phone. We got some amazing
news, Solidsoft has grown substantially over
the last year and there are great plans afoot. I’ve only been there a few weeks, so
I haven’t had time to contribute much; but I’m proud to be a member of such a successful

We also heard news that the company it looking into the option of expanding to Chicago in
the next few months. I’m sure this will bring some new opportunities and challenges
for all of us, and it sure is exciting to be in the middle of all this action.

It’s nice when you can look back at a decision you took a few months ago and feel
confident that it was a good one. There’s always a sense of apprehension when you
leave somewhere you are familiar with and venture into something unknown. Joining Solidsoft has
been a good move; I’m more enthusiastic about my career, I’m working with a great
bunch of people and the company seems to be going places.

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