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Pushing Government content through Social channels

I’ve been doing some work recently here in the Isle of Man exploring a number of different options around pushing Government content through Social media channels. The reasons behind this are two-fold, primarily to distribute content from Government onto channels which other people are watching,… Read more »

Isle of Man Online Services on a Wii

I always find it fascinating to see people using services we deploy in new and imaginative manners. Well, today I got some photos of what the Isle of Man Government Online Services look like on a Nintendo Wii and it was great to see that… Read more »

New icon for TweeterSearch

Just wanted to post a quick vote of thanks to Hyder from FreshPress Themes for creating a new icon for my TweeterSearch plugin: a custom search for Firefox which lets you search for people on Twitter. It’s great to find so much support and help… Read more »

Seriously cool workplaces

Alex Kjerulf (The Chief Happiness Officer) has an excellent post on his blog about how aesthetically pleasing workplaces are conducive to happier, more productive employees. He shows us 10 amazing workspaces. My favourite picture has to be the slide that lets you get from one floor… Read more »

Value from IT in Government

Solidsoft have just issued another edition of their quaterly public sector bulletin: Value from IT in Government. These are the features in this latest issues: Feature Articles A turning point for eGovernment Liam Kelly, Public Sector Practice Manager, Solidsoft explains why he believes these are… Read more »

10 ways to manage your boss

Interesting article to read this morning. Talks about what it claims to be “the most important relationship you have at work”. Very interesting take on the subject, and some good advice in there. If you have become used to Dilbert-fuelled cynisism about the workplace, it’s… Read more »

Looking for a BizTalk role?

Solidsoft, the company I work for, is looking for BizTalk specialists in Chicago. We’ve opened a US office and are looking for people passionate about tehcnology and integration to join our team. We have some of the best guys in the business working for us… Read more »