Manx ThirdThursday – Today 12:30

this pizza has got personality

If you’re based in the Isle of Man and interested in social media, you’ll be wanting to come and join us at the December Third Thursday. It’s an opportunity to meet with other like-minded folk from different walks of life who share your passion for social media and social networking. It’s open to anyone, whether you own one of the best hotels Las Vegas has to offer, or make a living selling balloons online; whether you spend your life on Twitter or just pop into Manxforums every now and again.

Sherrilynne put it quite succinctly:

…get a chance to put faces to some of the names you see online.

So come on down to Paparazzi in Douglas at 12:30 and join us for a pizza, a plate of pasta; or even just a salad. See you there!


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