Santa, Santa! I want one of these!

Anyone who knows me will know that I’ve been playing with webcams for a good few years now! There’s something extra special I think in adding a your face to your interactions on the web, whether it’s IM, your blog or a video chat. I’m sure you’ve noticed my image at the side of this blog (and others) that gets uploaded every 30 seconds while I sit at my desk. Great way to know if I’m here

But I’ve never really been happy with the technology I’ve been using. I currently have a cheapy webcam I bought for a couple of quid at Tesco, and while it does the job I would love a top-end webcam with face tracking and auto-focus (that way I’m not blurry and out of the picture half the time). Anyway, I came across the perfect webcam on’s sale page today. It’s the Logitech QuickCam Pro 9000 which sports a brilliant array of features including:

  • Carl Zeiss optics: Get more detail and clarity from Carl Zeiss optics. Logitechs glass lens designed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, the global leader in camera optics.
  • Premium autofocus: Your images stay razor-sharp, even in close-ups.
  • HD video: Video calling and sharing has never looked so real at 960 by 720 pixels.
  • Higher megapixel performance: A true two-megapixel sensor. Up to eight-megapixel* photos (enhanced).
  • RightLight2 Technology: Adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible images in dimly lighted or poorly backlighted settings.
  • Integrated microphone with RightSound Technology: Enjoy crystal clear conversations, free from echo** and annoying background noise.
  • Ultra-wide field of view and intelligent face tracking: Keeps you right in the middle of the action.

Santa, Santa ! I so want one of these for Christmas!


  1. Owen: I got this camera when I got my Talk Fusion video email starter kit. Talking about videos, I will get a Flip camcorder next year. I want to take video clips when I am outside and traveling.

    By the way: Do you have suggestion for a simple guide for installing WordPress templates?

  2. I have one of these. It is great. So much better than the webcam I had 5 years ago. I would slip Santa a little something to make sure it happens. 🙂

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