10 reasons why GMail rocks

I found an excellent post on LifeHacker talking about 10 great things that GMail does. This is putting aside the mundane email handling, massive storage space, spam filtering etc; but instead looks at features that makes GMail exception. Here’s a summary:

  • Themes: You can completely change the way GMail looks using themes
  • Chat: You can launch video and audio chat right from within your browser, no downloads required
  • Backup your email: You can back up your email onto a different platform anytime you want. So you don’t have to feel  you depend on The Big G
  • Audit: You can see all the locations you’ve signed in and out from
  • Contacts: Contact management is a real breeze on Gmail and integrates nicely with other platforms too.
  • Consolidation: GMail lets you consolidate different email accounts in one place
  • URLs: As Gmail is web based you can bookmark locations and send them to your friends
  • Keep email on your desktop: You can download gadgets and even an entire Google Desktop which integrates nicely with your email
  • Search: Google is the master of search and whether you’re looking for milk churners or fat burners you’ll always be able to find them in your mailbox
  • Experiment: Google Labs always has new exciting features in development, so if you’re so inclined, you may want to give them a whirl.

Head off and read the post.


  1. I started using Gmail in April of 2004 when a friend of mine gave me an invite. It was 1GB of free email, and that seemed like A LOT! Back then we only had 4 invites per account and they were a hot commodity, even selling on eBay.

    I’ve been using Gmail ever since, and the new features just keep rolling out more and more. It’s such a awesome service, I love it. I religiously use the Reader, Docs, Calendar, Books, and Groups also.

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