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Interesting post on my mate Leo’s blog. He talks about security at work and the “emotional cost of having to deal with security your organisation imposes on you. Here’s his take:

What is the cost that security is placing on our businesses and our personal movement? George Orwell never had it so right. I am not talking about the physical cost of these systems and running them. More the emotional side of it. For example if someone forgets there pass. They are effectively stranded at work. Resorting to having to wait for colleagues who have their passes or leaving doors unlock.

I can see his point, but there’s another side to the story. First of all, employees working in an office have a trust relationship with their employer. They believe that they come to work to fulfill a task. The last thing they expect is some crazy off the street breaking into the office, whether to steal something or because they have a problem with something the company and are looking for retribution. At the same time, properly implemented security features also monitor who leaves and enters the building and can be used in the case of fire or emergency to establish who is present and accounted for and who isn’t.

The question is .. do you think security doors are an asset of a hindrance to your job?

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