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Great post on Ted Murphy’s blog about Change. Here’s a snippet:

I think there are 4 phases of change.
1. Recognizing that a change needs to be made.
2. Deciding what the change should be.
3. Making the change.
4. Embracing the new direction.

In my opinion phases 2-3 are by far the hardest, but where many people actually fail is phase 4 because of “what if”. What if I made the wrong change? What if I waited longer? What if it doesn’t work out? These are all natural questions, but you can’t let them get the best of you. They can be paralyzing and force you to always be looking back on your change instead of pushing forward.

Once a change has been made you need to commit. There will be many changes in the future, there is no need to fixate on the past.

Read it all here

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