April 1st is almost over

flyingpenguin.pngIt’s been really strange, I haven’t really been in an April Fool’s Day mood today at all. So the usual round of April Fools gags have just passed me by without so much as a glance. Well, I lie, I did actually enjoy watching the BBCs flying penguins, and ProBloggers’ PayPerTweet. Didn’t really care much for Google’s Project Virgle though. And there’s loads more where that came from.

Well, apparently laughing is good for you so here are 10 top April Fool’s Gags for you to enjoy, which might be better for your health than an antioxidant (give me endorphins anyday). At least, everyone enjoys a good laugh.

Have you spotted anything fishy?

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  1. Thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed my post. I really enjoy reading your blog, I’m in the process of working backwards through your previous posts at the moment and I am sure will be dropping by on a regular basis in the future 🙂

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