BOFH and automatic doors

I really enjoy reading TheRegister, but I particularly enjoy reading it when there’s a new episode of the BOFH (B*st*rd Operator From Hell). I’ve been following the series for many years now, reading about his electrocuting users, locking them up, hiding vital equipment in one of his travel trailers, poisoning them with laxatives, maiming different body parts and coming up with all mischievous ideas.

This month’s installment involves the BOFH and PFY getting to grips with a set of automatic doors and the havoc they cause. Read all about it, and you’ll never look at an automatic door the same way again.

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  1. Thanks for the intro to BOFH, I’ve just read a couple of posts and they are very funny, can’t wait to read more – the only problem is there’s so many of them, I could be gone a while!

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