Got me a new phone

Woohooo .. the phone I bought on eBay has finally arrived. It’s a handheld device running Windows Mobile 5 and sporting WiFi, EDGE, GPS, GPRS, the whole shebang! I’ve only played with it for a few hours so far, but it’s totally awsome. It’s great to be able to surf thanks to the WiFi and I’m looking forward to running VOIP applications on it so I can make my free calls ;) I was originally looking into getting an iPhone, but they won’t be available this side of the Atlantic for the next 6 months; then I was looking at the Nokia N95, which proved to be a bit too expensive; so I settled on the O2 XDA Orbit.

It took almost 2 weeks for the guy I bought it from on eBay to ship it, but it’s finally here! Looking forward to play a bit more it! Have you got yourself a sexy gadget recently? Or am I the only one with cool toys?

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