Plan your perfect trip

What do you get if you cross a travel site and a social networking site?RealTravel is the answer. It’s a travel site which encourages it’s viewers to submit blog entries about their travels, what they enjoyed and what they hated and their recommendations for other travelers. And the great thing about user-generated content is that it tends to be more sincere than marketing material by a country’s tourism office or entertainment industry.

The site also allows you to plan your trip, by creating an online itinerary and adding different destinations to it. You do this as you browse through the site reading about each place. Once you’ve created a perfect holiday you can then share it with other readers, again, more user-generated content.

Finally, the site also allows travelers to create their own travel blog. This can be a great way to capture your experiences in one place, together with pictures and video and anything else you want to add. Your experiences then help inform future travelers and help them plan their travel.

Check it out.

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