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PayPerPost have just launched a new additional to their blogger tools called PPP Direct. It’s a great new feature that lets bloggers capitalise on their blog audience to try and attract direct payment for posts. It involves putting a badge up on your blog (like the one I have on the right) where a visitor can click and ask the blogger to write up about anything they would like. So, when I saw that a fellow blogger would do a review for $1, I thought I’d test it out just to see how it works from a publisher’s perspective. What I got was this:


Basically, I keyed in the minimum offer amount needed for the blog post ($1.00) and got an error message telling me I hadn’t specified an offer amount. I tried again, putting “1” instead of “1.00” (maybe the decimal point was throwing it off), but still no luck. And if I had been a real customer, that would have been the end of it. System doesn’t work, not interested!

As a customer, I’m not interested in finding out why something doesn’t work. The error could have been something trivial, and I probably could bypass it by turning Javascript off, but the bottom line is, customers won’t spend time helping you solve a problem. It either works or it doesn’t. I understand that this release has gone through a number of test iterations and quality checks, which is commendable, however, my experience was a negative one and negative experiences have a more lasting impression than positive ones. It’s all about perception at the end of day!

Has anyone else out there tried PPP Direct? Have you had any luck with it?


  1. I’m pretty sure that ppp’s min, even for ppp direct is $5. I mean our ppp direct badges start at 5 by default, right. 😉

    I bet it would have worked if you’d typed in 5.00.

    I saw that a person was offering reviews for a dollar but that would mean that PPP would only make .10 on the deal? Not enough … that’s why I think the min is $5.

  2. Why bother with the service at all? It doesn’t bring advertisers to you, all it does is give them a way to ask you to write a post – and then take 10%.

    You could add your own link in the sidebar with a contact page requesting all the same information, charge what you want, and keep every cent.

  3. Ok, I am the one with that has the “hire me for 1 dollar” PPP Direct button 🙂

    Did you give this feedback to PPP? if not just tell me and I will be happy to tell PPP. If I can fill in 1 dollar as a blogger, sure an advertiser should be able to do the same, how otherwise can I make 1 dollar?

    Part of betatesting the system as well… 🙂

  4. PPP Direct confirms that the minimum review price is 5$, so they don’t want to go for less than 10 cents…

    That leaves me with a very original PPP Direct 1 dollar button though 🙂

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