Built a website? Here’s some tools!

Building a website gets easier and easier, as more tools make it to the market that make the design process smoother. However, once you have built your website it’s important to make sure it’s accessible to as many people as possible, that it looks good and that it performs well. There are a number of tools available on the web to do this, and there’s a great list of tools on this post entitled: Grade your website: 31 free online tests.

The tools are split into different categories including:

  • Code Validation
  • Accessibility
  • Speed
  • Browser Simulators
  • Search Engine Optimisation

There’s some great pointers in there, especially as there is a “Top Pick” in each category. So, if you’re looking at Accessibility tools for exampe, the post recommends the most excellent WatchFire WebXACT which is a pretty impressive tool, especially when you consider it’s free!

The post works well on a number of levels. If you want to try a range of tools, this page is great. And if you’re busy and just need to pick one based on someone’s recommendation, the page works well too. Check it out!

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