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Is your blog sticky? Would you like your visitors to keep coming back for more? Well, one way to make sure this happens is to respond to the comments they leave on your blog. The question is, how do you make sure they get the response?

Well, one way is to email them a copy of your comment. You can fire up your email client, copy and paste the comment, then log in to wordpress to retrieve their email address, but hey, that’s a whole bunch of extra work. Or you can use the Comment Email Responder to just click on a little icon next to their comment and leave a comment on your blog as your normally would.

I’m looking for any feedback/bugs/suggestions you may have, so download the comment and give it a try.

Download here


  1. I heard about this great little plugin from Marisa, and I’m really looking forward to using it. Thank you, Owen, for developing such a handy time saver!

  2. I’m interested but I’m no techie so I thought I’d ask first before downloading. I have a generic blogger template. Is this applicable there? Where do I paste it? I’m clueless at coding by the way.

  3. Owen! Great job! You’ve created another plugin that works great and I’m sure that this one is going to be a huge hit.

    You really need to put a PayPal donation button on this site. Honest. If this works as good as my tiny test drive on WebStyle just went then I’m sure everyone is going to love it. I’d be willing to give you a donation.

    As for comments. I often reply to comments by email. WordPress sends a copy of each comment and I usually just go from there. If it’s something that I want others to see I’ll often copy what I’ve written and post it in the comment section of that particular post. Then, when I have time I try to visit their site too.

    Your new plugin cuts the “work” of commenting in half for me. One step and I’ll have a comment on the site and to the original commentator. Wonderful!

    Love it so far!

  4. Excellent Plug-in Owen! Very innovative.
    Its a very good idea to drive the readers back to the blog, If a visitor is interested enough to Comment on a post, chances are that after getting a reply for his comment, he would come back and contribute, and in process check out other posts as well.
    Can get Viral !! 🙂

    Good Job! Keep em coming!

  5. Loved the plugin! I’ve been looking for this actually, and now that I got around to actually looking, it’s here! 😀

  6. Thanks for the great plugin. Here’s what worked for me when I didn’t see the little email icon on the comments.
    This adds the user_level 10 which is needed without having to go to the database.
    1. Add a new admin user.
    2. Go to your Admin Panel > Users > Authors & Users, select both admin users by checking on the box, and do a Bulk Update with Administrator…”
    Thanks for your plugin. works great!

  7. Excellent tool. A handy feature would be an optional setting that would send out an automatic “thank you for posting your comment”, along with an additional message the admin wants included with every message sent.

    Sort of a comment autoresponder but sends just one message the first time someone posts.

    Just a thought…

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