Putting Comment Email Responder to bed

I’ve spent the last few days refining on the Comment Email Responder plugin for WordPress and it’s now at a place where it’s clear of immediate flaws and I’ve addressed most people’s requirements. It’s come a long way since Andrew Flusche let me play with it, but the code engine is still mostly his original code. So if you feel it addresses a need and you feel you want to make a donation to say thanks, you can do so on his site here. The plugin seems to have been very well received, there’s comments from loads of people all around the world, and the word just keeps spreading. It feels good to be able to address a need like that.

As I was saying, it’s stable enough to give it a good run in the wild, so I’ve now run out of excuses and have to get back to my Strategic Planning. My exam is in 6 weeks and I’m still around 50% of the way through the text (first pass), so I’d better get my act together, otherwise it’s doing to be a big mess.


  1. can you clarify for me how to configure this plug-in once it is installed and activated? i don’t see the “options” menu that you reference, or the “comment email responder” panel. for the record, i should note that i am a total newbie to WP and not a coding professional, so i require small words and easy steps 😉 thanks for any help you can offer…

  2. um….so, i finally found the settings panel, and updated all of the relevant information, but still cannot get the comment email responder to work properly. now the little envelope shows up next to a commenters name. and when i hover over the envelope, i see a ‘respond to this comment’ box. however, i cannot click on or activate the envelope. i am using the prophoto theme for wordpress. is there perhaps a fundamental incompatability??

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