Now Heres Some Wacky News Im

Now here’s some wacky news …

trim trolley

When this came through the wires last night we realized two things: first, that England
must be undergoing an America-style obesity epidemic, and second, that honestly this
is probably the worst idea we’ve ever heard for getting people into shape. Tesco,
the biggest supermarket chain in London, is touting a Trim Trolley that tracks the
pusher’s calories and heart beat through a handle bar sensor while they go about
their shopping routine. Even worse, an adjustable resistance wheel can make the cart
increasingly harder to trim trolleypush,
on a scale from 1 to 10. Ok, but what supermarket customer would actually choose a
harder-to-push shopping cart? And then increase the resistance as they strolled around
London’s crowded stores? We would say none, but Tescos in Kensington and West
London think otherwise and plan to debut the carts tomorrow. Too bad the carts cost
£500, (almost $1,000 dollars these days), as opposed to the standard £50
cart. And while the Independent says that experts believe that this is the answer
to England’s rising obesity rates, this so-called “trolley revolution”
will face a dismal fate at the hands of irritated shoppers. Less work, not
more, is what usually keeps customers, even British ones, happy.


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