Lunch with MarkB

I managed to have lunch with at old pal of mine, Mark Brincat, at the Stockley
Park Golf Club
. I hadn’t really caught up with him since I left Malta 5
years ago. He’s been living/working in the UK for
3 years and we just found out that the offices we work in are a few hundred metres
away from each other! He’s working for GlaxoSmithKline here
in Stockley Park and I’ve been at M&S in Stockley for
the last few months. So we took the opportunity to meet up and catch up on things.

It was good to see Mark and it’s great to see that he’s doing well for himself. We’re
both working with systems and companies much larger than anything we could have met
in Malta and we’re both
enjoying the experience. Mark, if you’re reading this, it was great seeing you again
and once more thanks for the Figolla!

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