The EntreDroppers plugin give you the ability to show the last few people who dropped their Entrecard on your blog. It is a widget you can easily add to your sidebar and uses information from Entrecard’s website


The plugin can be used in one of two ways:If you are using widgets, just drag the widget onto the area of the page where you want it to appear.If you aren’s using widget, add the code below to your sidebar template where you would like the button to appear.


1. Download the plugin file, unzip and place it in your plugin folder.
This makes the plugin available to WordPress and it should now appear in your Plugin folder.

2. Activate the plugin
This “starts up” the plugin, making it available to your presentation files (you know, the ones that make up your theme). At this point, the plugin is active, but WordPress doesn’t know where it should be displaying your Entrecard Droppers

3a. The plugin is widget-aware and will appear in your widget list. Go to your widget screen and add EntreDroppers to the sidebar.

3b. Alternatively, if you don’t use widgets, add this snippet to the sidebar file in your theme:
<?php entredroppers(); ?>

This tells WordPress where to put the widget.

4. Configure the widget
The plugin can be configured both from the Settings pane or from the widget control area, by clicking “Edit” on the widget. Most of the options are self-explanatory, but you will be needing the EntreCard Latest Droppers RSS feed to power the widget. You can get this from your EntreCard dashboard (top right hand corner) as shown in the picture below:




v1.0: Base release. Works as per spec.

v1.1: Added ability to mark dropper’s links as NoFollow


  1. Hi hey I tried to get at ya on that Google chat it’s either lame and lagging BIG time or you have to many honies trying to chat at you at once,anyway if you get a chance run by that blog I got there and see if you’d be interested in make a simple badge widget etc.And we’ll take it from there.
    Nice blog btw that share this is tight

  2. Thank you Owen. Great plug-in. I just downloaded it and installed. Great way to give some “link love” to your entrecard droppers.

  3. I already “dofollow” on my comments (after “x” number of comments). I support “dofollow” movement.

    However, I’d like to display more than 10 droppers on my sidebar, possibly the last “50”. To answer your question, having “nofollow” option is important for me in this case. I don’t want my sidebar getting spammed by droppers only tempted by “dofollow”.

    Thank you very much if you decide to add the “nofollow” option. 🙂 Much appreciated.

  4. The only other thing I wished it didn’t do is… show duplicate links.

    What I mean is, if “Site X” dropped by twice (and both drops was in the last 10 drops), I wish it’d only show up just once and not twice (or more).

    As in, last 10 unique droppers. Well, if that’s possible…

  5. @FruityOaty: Sure .. the nofollow thing will be quite easy, can probably get it out tonight. Will look into the unique request too

  6. Sorry yes. A bit vague.
    Okay I followed all instructions as on this page. One does upload the entire folder into plugins I presume. I activated plugin and went to widgets where it was and filled that in I think.

    Does the Read me file tell me other things to do?
    I have WP 2.3.3 with a cutline theme

  7. @Jen: Yeah .. I can see it running on your site, and the fact that there are no droppers shown. Can you tell me what URL you’re using in the RSS feed field?

  8. Entrecard seems to be having a problem right now listing the same cards multiple times in a row. This results in the same link showing four, six or eight times in a row in my list of recent drops. Is there a way for the plugin to recognize and reject duplicate listings?

    Great plugin, by the way. I love it. Thanks!

  9. It doesn’t show the drops I’ve had. The RSS url is correct and it shows up on the page, but it doesn’t process the RSS feed correctly. I’m on GoDaddy shared linux, so id there something like CURL or FOPEN that you’re using the GoDaddy might not enable/allow?

  10. @Mecu: We did have a problem earlier (forgot who’s blog it was), where their ISP’s firewall was configured so not let their website access feeds from the outside world.

    Could this be the case for you?

    Maybe I need to add a diagnostic to the plugin …

  11. Great plug-in, i integrated it to my blog not as a widget but as a page.

    I am not a programmer so I dunno how to customize your program, I want it to display the title a little bit bigger and in boldface.

    How can I do that?

  12. Not owrking for me. After placing it in my sidebar, nothing shows up except the “Powered by” link.

    I have triple checked the RSS url and its correct.

    I have disabled this plugin becuase I refuse to give you a backlink for a plugin that doesn’t work.

  13. @Geoserv: Last time I saw something like that, the hosting company that the website was running on was blocking any HTTP requests from the website to Entrecard. You’ll see it mentioned somewhere in these comments.

    Can you raise a ticket with your host to enquire if this is the case


  14. I have this set up on one blog and it imports the drop list with no problem. I have just set up a new blog with GoDaddy, and it will not import the rss feed. The working set up is not at GoDaddy. Anyone know if they would block something like this? I haven’t heard back from their support system yet about it.

  15. For some reason its working now.

    Is there anyway to show a thumb of their card next to their name? Obviously not the full size card, but maybe one resized to 30×30.

  16. @Geoserv: At this moment, the short answer is no, I don’t think that information is even supplied in the RSS feed. I’ll look into it though and see if I can come up with a workaround

  17. Owen,

    I got it to work, not sure how, but its working.

    I posted a thread over at EC regarding images in the RSS feed, I will let you know what happens.

  18. Any possibility of finding or creating something like this for the blogger users?

    I eventually plan to switch to wordpress, just haven’t had the time.

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