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Here’s another HoneyPot

organic growth

I haven’t done one of these in a while … but one of the features of this blog used to be posts consisting of a collection of interesting stuff to distract you with. So without any further ado, here’s the latest HoneyPot: Hola – This… Read more »

Here’s another Honeypot

photo credit: Thomas Shahan Looking for some interesting websites to visit? here are some cool sites to visit. Isle of Man Twestival – Celebrating social media and raising money for charity. Come join us! Tools 4 Noobs – Some great hacker tools and utilities 5… Read more »

Show us the honey

photo credit: Paul Denton Cocker It’s been ages since we had a HoneyPost, a collection of links to all sorts of things I find interesting. It’s mostly due to time constraints, but I have been collecting the occasional link to share. Here are some links… Read more »

A Friday Honeypot

I’ve neglected this blog for a few days, which is unusual, due to a number of other projects and bits I’ve been involved in, but it’s time for a HoneyPot from all the links I’ve saved up for you. Here we go: Let me Google… Read more »

Did someone say HoneyPost?

We haven’t had a HoneyPost here in some time, you know; one of those delicious posts full of links to keep you happily distracted for hours on end. Well, my bookmarks folder is bursting full with juicy goodness, so, without further ado, here’s some Honey… Read more »

A mixed Honeypot

Following the success of the last Honeypost, I may have more themed honeyposts in the future, but for now, here’s a mixed bag of what I’ve found interesting recently: A different way to think about creative genius: Excellent talk by Elizabeth Gilbert at TED. Eggs… Read more »

Some Twitter honey

We haven’t had a honeypost in some time and my bookmarks are just overflowing with interesting snippets for all of you to enjoy. I have so much to choose from that I decided to focus today on How Twitter was born: Some interesting insight into… Read more »