An API Honeypot

I was doing some research recently on best practices for creating APIs and have collected some excellent link on the subject. Here’s a quick honeypot to share some great API resources:

Do you have any you’d like me to add to the list? Just drop me a comment!

Enjoy the distraction!

Show us the honey

It’s been ages since we had a HoneyPost, a collection of links to all sorts of things I find interesting. It’s mostly due to time constraints, but I have been collecting the occasional link to share. Here are some links you may enjoy:

  • How to succeed in the age of going solo – A great writeup on WSJ with some excellent advice to anyone wanting to go down the consulting route.
  • CopyPasteCharacter – Ever needed to insert a character in a post, on Twitter or in a document. Here’s a site that lets you put exotic characters in your clipboard so you may paste them wherever you wish
  • Free iPad – GFI are running a competition to give away a free iPad. All you have to do is tell them what you’re ready to do to win one.
  • Clients from Hell – Excellent set of quotes from your worst clients. I’m sure there are a few you can relate to.
  • 6 secrets of Farmville’s success – Read about the psychology that made Farmville such a hit.

There’s more where that came from. In the meantime, get reading!

Did someone say HoneyPost?

Bee Neon Pollen!

We haven’t had a HoneyPost here in some time, you know; one of those delicious posts full of links to keep you happily distracted for hours on end. Well, my bookmarks folder is bursting full with juicy goodness, so, without further ado, here’s some Honey for all of you:

Was that good for you?

A mixed Honeypot

Supper en Orange

Following the success of the last Honeypost, I may have more themed honeyposts in the future, but for now, here’s a mixed bag of what I’ve found interesting recently:

There’s some interesting links in there, guaranteed to keep you busy for a couple of hours. Actually you might want to change your regular entertainment, pop your computer on a tv stand, relax on the coach and browse websites for the rest of the evening 😈

Some Twitter honey


We haven’t had a honeypost in some time and my bookmarks are just overflowing with interesting snippets for all of you to enjoy. I have so much to choose from that I decided to focus today on

So great links there, especially if you’re into Twitter. If you’re not, well maybe now is the time to sign up and give it a try. If you’re in there, don’t forget to follow me.

A Weekend HoneyPost

Bee la Green!

End of the week and time to offload some honey I’ve been collecting. Hope this keeps you distracted all weekend:

There’s some fun stuff in there which should keep you busy for the whole weekend 😉 Enjoy!

Another HoneyPost

Bee Antena!

Regular readers will know that every now and again I dump a collection of links to things I have found interesting over the last few days. It’s called HoneyPost, nice and sweet! Here you go:

There’s loads there to keep you busy, so wrap up warm in one of your NFL Jerseys, light a fire, put your feet up and settle down to a nice evening of browsing.