International Geocaching Day – August 18th

Geocachers unite on August 18th to celebrate International Geocaching Day. It’s a day devoted enjoying what you love – geocaching. There’s even a digital prize. Geocachers who log an “Attended” at an Event Cache or a “Found it” for another cache type on International Geocaching Day earn a souvenir for their profile page. International Geocaching Day is the perfect occasion to hike with family and friends, enjoy the outdoors, and log one, two, or a dozen smileys.

Thousands of adventurers will attend one of more than 100 International Geocaching Day events around the globe. The events range from Event Caches to CITO Events and include Mega-Events in Germany, Hungary, and the United States.

The Mega-Event in the U.S. is the 2012 Geocaching Block Party hosted at Groundspeak HQ in Seattle, Washington. Watch this video to see your invitation from some of’s most famous (furry) employees.

Check out the Event Calendar to find an International Geocaching Day event near you. If there’s not an event in your area, there’s still time to plan an Event Cache of your own. Don’t forget to share pictures and stories from your International Geocaching Day event on the official Facebook page.

Maybe we should organise something int he Isle of Man? Anyone?

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