Isle of Man Event: Focus on your soft skills

The Isle of Man Section of the BCS is organising an event on the 19th of October called: Focus on your Soft Skills. Here’s a quick snippet about the shape of the event:

The first session will start at 5.30pm and is entitled Understanding and applying your relationship tendencies.  There will then be a short break for tea/coffee etc, and the second session will start at 6.45pm and is entitled Managing conflicts collaboratively.

As you can imagine, we’re quite maxed out with the twins, but I’ve got a pass to go out that evening as I believe this session will be quite interesting. Technical skills are relatively easy to amass, you learn a subject, you practice and achieve proficiency. Soft skills are a totally different matter. It’s important to understand your personal strengths and weaknesses and also learn to read those of the people around you, to help you be successful in what you do. And this applies to all sorts of companies. You could be a joke shop with an online presence, an Orange County computer support specialist or even just a corner shop trying to deal with staff, suppliers and customers; soft skills will serve you in all walks of life.

If you’re interested in attending, check out the Isle of Man BCS website and drop Events a line using the contact form.

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