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Twitter LogoI’ve added a new section to my sidebar that shows the most recent Tweets that my friends and I have Twittered. I don’t know if you’re into this whole micro-blogging thing, but this new widget should have get more people dragged in, as they see all the fun we’re having 😉

You’ll notice a whole mixture of different content, from news to weather reports, to friend updates. And if you’re not following me on Twitter yet, start now. I found Twitter a bit like putting money into savings accounts, the more you put in, the more you can take out!

P.S. The only problem with my sidebar is that I’m really conscious that I don’t want to clutter it with too many things. What do you think, is it overdone ?

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  1. I love to place the twitter widget in my sidebar, but the problem is that the enormous space it consume.. If there are any plugins that will come out to resolve such issue, then that will be the time I’ll using it. 🙂

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