Games Reviews for the DS

Do you own a Nintendo DS? If you do, you should check out DSBrowse. It’s a website that specialises in news and reviews of the latest Nintendo DS games. It caters for different types of players and all the reviews have been written by people who have played the games.

It’s refreshing sometimes to get reviews from actual players rather than the ones published by the game manufacturer or people paid to write reviews. Many times you’l read a great review, rush out to buy the game and end up really disappointed at the end. It’s always better to get a personal opinion from someone who has actualy shelled out for the game; that way you get a true indication of the game’s value for money.

Back to DSBrowse, the website is divided into a number of genres, so you can choose whether you want to read about Action, Adventure, Edutainment, Fun, Platform, Racing, Simulation, Sports or Strategy games. The site is still in it’s infancy, so there aren’t many reviews there, but it’s set to grow in the near future.

Check it out!

Update: It’s nice to check the website a few day later and find that new material has been added. They seem to be adding more reviews every day, so pop back every few days to see how the site is growing.


  1. I love my DS I am a pretty big Tetris DS player. You should defiantly check out new super mario brothers. It’s great as well.

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