Living with an iBook

So, my Rock power supply blew up a few weeks
ago and they have been unable to supply me with a replacement yet. They’re still out
of stock and I’m going to have to wait till next year to get another one. That’s a
full 4/5 weeks without a laptop (and that’s if they’re not lying again about the estimated
delivery date). Whatever you do, steer clear of Rock
. The spec may look good, but the support really, really sucks.

So, I’ve borrowed an iBook (G4
– 512Mb)
in the meantime. I’m starting to get used to it, but on the whole doing
everything is slower on this box. I hate the fact it has a US keyboard, there’s no
right-mouse button and I can’t use apps I’ve gotten used to (Microsoft
Live Writer
etc). I’ve solved the problem by using LogMeIn to
remotely access a PC on which I’m doing all my web development. Can’t wait to get
back to using a normal PC though …

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