HP Touchpads in the house

Yay for the latest gadget to enter your household; none other than the veritable HP Touchpad. As you know, HP was selling these at a massively reduced price: a device that costs over $300 to produce was selling for $99. So, I just had to grab one!

Well, I tried grabbing 5, one for each family member, but Dixons, in their wisdom, decided to cancel 3 of them. Now I don’t know if it’s because they have a rubbish stock control that let me order them when they didn’t have any in stock; or whether their staff fancied a couple for themselves, but we only have 2 now (which is fun when you have 3 kids!)

Anyway, the HP Touchpads are here now. I’m going to have fun playing with WebOS, but even more fun when the CyanogenMod for Touchpad release starts approaching Beta.

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