Make your own T-shirts

I was playing with an interesting website this evening, one that gives you the facility to create your very own t-shirts, order as many as you want and even sell them online. I wasn’t really intending to create anything, but got drawn into how flexible the t-shirt printing facility was and just stopped there to have play more.

Here’s one interesting T-shirt that’s built with one of the stock images from the website. There are literally thousands of stock images you can use to create your T-shirt, and you can add text, your own images and as much flair as you like to the T-shirt, shorts or whatever garment you are creating.

The process starts with picking out a garment or item to print on. They have a selection of clothes, from hoodies to fitted T-shirts, and also other items like mugs, aprons and even underpants! Once you pick your item, you get a blank canvas to paint your creation on. I had a play with creating a mug for work. It would have cost me £8.99 for the mug and delivery, which really isn’t all that much for a personalised item.

One great option is to set up shop and sell your creations. The site will manage the whole process for you, from ordering to dispatch. All you have to do is create your items and wait for your cheque to appear at the end! Try it out, it’s great fun!

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