Taking stock of the situation

Creative Commons License photo credit: maistora

It’s great to see how technology has improved the way businesses operate today. I think one of the best examples of this is how some of the big retailers here in the Isle of Man replenish their stock overnight. It’s all down to stock control software that keep track of whatever is sold in store, helps shop planners to decide what new items they want to stock the store with, and then work out what needs to be shipped to the store. The items arrive on the next delivery and voila, the shop is filled again.

It it weren’t for stock control systems, then replenishing a store would be much harder. Not only that, but there would be lots of wastage, especially food which could have spoiled if it wasn’t sold in time.

Looking for comments from people out there. If you have a retail business, could you operate without a stock control?

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