Third Thursday – 21st April 2011

Portuguese Work Lunch
Creative Commons License photo credit: moriza

Third Thursday is upon us, and as you may already know, Third Thursday is Social Media Thursday. And this month Thursday is going to be even more fun than ever. Here are the reasons why:

  • Social Media Club lunch is on. It’s an informal lunch for people interested in Social Media. You may use it for work, for personal reasons or to promote your hobby, but if you’re interested in how to use Social Media, and are looking to network with your online friends and acquaintances, come and join us for lunch at Paprazzi at 12:30. Anyone can come, and bring your friends along
  • We have a local celebrity visiting us for lunch. Famous tweeter @zoegillings (I believe she’s also known for her snowboarding prowess) is coming to lunch! We don’t have anything formal organised, it’s just a friendly chat over lunch, but it’s a great opportunity to meet her and hear all about what she’s up to.
  • And if lunch isn’t enough for you, local podcaster and social media whiz Derek Richardson is the CMI’s speaker in the evening. They’re holding an event titled: Social Media – Captivating the Digital Domain and it’s open to anyone to attend.

There you have is, Social Media Thursday in a nutshell. So, who’s for lunch? See you at Paparazzi on Thursday 21st April at 12:30!

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