Ever tried an HD video chat on Skype?

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Socialspark_productimageDo you use Skype for video chat? Well, I don’t any more, but I used to in the past and one of the things that was quite annoying was that the video can be a bit flakey at times. It has gotten better with every subsequent release of the software and the great thing is that hardware has also improved. I was reading about the FV touchcam N1 that’s an HD webcam capable of delivering full screen 720p streaming video over the Internet. it uses embedded hardware H.264 encoding, a chip that takes the 720p video and using high-quality encoding technology, squeezes the video into a stream small enough to be sent over a typical Internet connection. It’s also the first webcam ever certified by Skype that can actually work at this resolution.

There are a number of other HD cameras on the market like the Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000 but although they capture HD video, they don’t compress it on the fly, so cannot be used for webcam chat.

You can get the faceVsion webcam from the faceVision on line store which has a whole selection of their products from the FV ExpressCombo all the way to the webcam described above.

If you use Skype for video chatting and you use it often, it’s worth looking into these cameras as they can let you have full screen video chats with friends, families and colleagues. Check them out!

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