Would you recycle your phone?

Do you remember your first mobile phone? I bet it’s sitting at the bottom of a drawer somewhere, covered in dust. Did you know that there are companies out there that will give you good money for those phones? Most phones can be recycled, whether they’re used for parts and repairs, or sold to other countries to help people who would not normally be able to afford a new phone.

This is where Sell My Mobile, a website that lets you join the mobile phone recycling game. The great thing about the website is that all you need to do is key in your mobile phone details and the website will search across a number of different providers who will be ready to buy your phone. There are quite a few companies in the list, including some big companies like Boots Recycle, Cashinmyfone, Earth Mobile and Envirofone.

I checked my old phone on it, an XDA Orbit. CashInMyFone would give me $25 for it if I sent it in. I can also send it to other companies, but they’re all less than $25, so if I had to sell it, that’s the place I would sell it to. It’s a great site that means you dont have to go and visit each one of the other sites to find which one offers the best deal. Check it out!


  1. My phones (and there are many) get pimped around friends first, then get sent to Dogs’ Trust for recycling.

    Hope the doggies keep to their free minutes.

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