Third Thursday – Feb 2010 – Social Media Club

Silce Pizza Club No. 8: Someone Left the Pie Out in the Rain
Creative Commons License photo credit: akuban

I’ve just noticed that this Thursday is the Third Thursday of the month; and we all know what that means. Yes, it’s Social Media Club day in the Isle of Man and we’ll be meeting up for a pizza down at Paprazzi on the prom. For those who have never been, it’s a social event aimed at users, both novice and experts of Social Media and helps provide a forum for people to discuss ideas, issues and new developments in the field.

Personally I try never to miss them. I do tend to meet lots of people online, but it’s much nicer putting a face to a Tweeter or actually debating an issue (rather than discussing it on a Facebook board). I’ve made a number of friends and contacts this way; people who would otherwise just have been yet another “Friend” on my Facebook Friends List. If you’re working with Twitter, Facebook, Buzz, or one of the plethora of social networks out there, then come along, grab a bite and come socialise with us.

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