Third Thursday IOM: December 2009

Pastrami pizza
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Contrary to our original plan, we’ve decided to have a Third Thursday meetup this month in a similar fashion to our usual ones. It’s an informal meet-up at Paparazzi at 12:30 on Thursday 17th December, for a pizza or some pasta with all our usual Social Media Club friends. If you’ve been before, you know the format; if not, come and join us and we’ll bring you up to speed.

The aim of our Third Thursday meet ups is to provide a focal point for people interested in Social Media on the Island. Whether you’re new to Twitter or been using Facebook since the first day it became available, it’s a great place to come share ideas, learn new tips and tricks and learn what’s new in the online world. It’s also a great venue to put a face to people you follow or interact with online. @sherrilynne has a great meeting lined up for January, but this will be an informal meetup just to have a quick catchup before Christmas.

So, are you planning on joining us?


  1. Argh. I keep forgetting about these lunchtimes until two days after they’ve happened.

    Perhaps I ought to stick an event in my phone diary . . .

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