ZillionTV – More choice to the consumer

There’s an interesting new video service in town (well, in the US) called ZillionTV. It delivers programmes through your internet connection which is not unlike a number of other services out there. There is one notable difference though, compared to other offerings. You can choose for a payment-based subscription similar to other services or you can buy programmes you want to keep. Or else you can select to go for a free service that is sponsored by ads. And to make sure the ads are relevant to you, you get to choose what sort advertisments you are interested in. For example, if you are planning on getting engaged, you can choose to have adverts of diamond rings shown to you over other, say NFL products which might not interest you at all. That’s a great way to give control to the viewer, isn’t it?

On, there is one other great thing about ZillionTV. It comes with a remote thats motion sensitive; you know, like the one the Wii uses; imagine the applications.

The big challenge for ZillionTV now is to ensure that the have the capabilities and program options to get subscribers engaged. There are concerns that big networks who have their own offerings in this space may not provide ready access to their content. See what happened to Boxee and Hulu


  1. that’s such a neat idea. i love the fact that you can choose what ads you see. i’d be more receptive if they were more relevant to my interests.

  2. Doesn’t BT Vision operate on a similar principle? Not ad supported but pay as you go, IPTV? The gesture remote sounds great, but it would have to approach saturation to really allow application development. If the Wii was just a little bit better, it could be used for this instead – which is approaching that magic adoption level. XBox 360 could do it now if they sort their legal stuff out.

  3. Reading their press releases, they already are partnered with Disney, ABC Domestic Television (a US company), 20th Century, Fox Television, NBC, Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Bros.

    That sounds like a good start.

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