Another HoneyPost

Bee Antena!

Regular readers will know that every now and again I dump a collection of links to things I have found interesting over the last few days. It’s called HoneyPost, nice and sweet! Here you go:

There’s loads there to keep you busy, so wrap up warm in one of your NFL Jerseys, light a fire, put your feet up and settle down to a nice evening of browsing.


  1. I have used a few of those “worst passwords” for stuff that I didn’t think was that important. Back before the internet when I was operating a machine that cost six figures and had 18 lasers on it I was not supposed to go into the configuration screen. I noticed one day that the password was 123456. That made it so annoying when I knew that the machine needed calibration and my supervisor was procrastinating about it.

  2. I love when you do these! You always give me something to do at work, and I always find something useful in them. 🙂

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