Azor: Here I come

King of Shaves

I arrived home today and found a mystery package waiting for me. It was sent to me courtesy of the boys at FuelMyBlog as part of their new product testing campaign for bloggers. I opened it with trepidation and found inside:

A brand new Azor blade to try together with some King of Shaves Shave Gel to try! Woohoo .. I must say that I’m pretty picky when it comes to shaving and usually go for the best blade I can get my hands on, so I’m looking forward to giving the Azor a spin. Looking at the packaging it has been designed to last a really long time so I am pretty keen to see how long the blade will last.

No time to shave today, but I’ll be happy to let everyone know how it goes. In the meantime, I can use my pocket money on baby clothes for Arthur. It’s amazing how much blades cost nowadays. I guess the real test for the Azor is how long I can keep using it without giving up on the blade.


  1. Very curious….please let me know. The cost of blades is INSANE, and I would love to spend money with someone other than BIC or Gillette. Especially if the blades last longer.

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