Wish I had more time for games

It’s amazing how work fills up all the time that you have available for it. We’ve just come out of a long weekend and I feel I’ve hardly got anything done at all; then today Google launches Lively and I spend my whole break playing with it. I just wonder how all my mates out there who spend time playing with Xboxes and playing online games manage to find the time to do it.

I just wanted to drop a quick post about games actually. I was looking at the bet365 casino which I had blogged about before and noticed they have put up a Blackjack Guide, which is really great for Mike, a friend of mine who has NO IDEA how to play. Putting out a Basic Strategy Guide is a great way to get people interested in the game and it also is more content for people to surf into their site. Not that a Blackjack Strategy Guide is hard to produce, but it’s amazing how many websites out there don’t supply any help as to how to use their services.

Blackjack, online games, Lively, bingo .. how do you waste your free time?

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