If you watch lots of movies at home..

.. you should probably get yourself one of these. I never realised that you could actually go out and buy home theater seating and get it delivered straight to your door. Still, must be great to be able to afford one of these babies together with a really massive home theater system.

The reality is, I probably wouldn’t have time to use them this much. I’m a bit maxed out at the moment with studying to my MBA final exams, messing around with various websites, juggling things at work and spending time with family.

Still, it’s always nice to dream.

Do you have any kit your dream about owning one day?


  1. We bought chairs similar to these but they are not real leather and they are very squeeky and really not very comfortable. I wish we had bought a big sectional sofa instead, it would be nice to lie down every once in awhile (the recliner just isn’t enough)

  2. @Peter: I suppose you can get them in real leather also. Really you should try them out in the store before buying them online. Just to make sure you know what you’re getting!

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