Entrecard adds new features

It’s nice to see a service you use add new features and continue to expand. Especially when they add a feature that users have been clamoring about for some time. Entrecard has finally added the ability for users to have more than one blog in their system. You could implement this in the past by setting up an account for each blog, but this was a major pain in the neck. Now there’s a new option called “Linked Blogs”

This lets you add a new blog, or join up a different blog you had created a new account for. Linked blogs have the following properties:

  • Linked blogs are displayed as “Other blogs by this author” on the profile page
  • There are no limits on credit transfers between linked blogs
  • When dropping, the currently Active card is the card that is dropped
  • Each blog may drop on up to 300 sites per day

There are other features they have introduced (including a new home page), but this is the best feature I think. It’s interesting how once you get used to the base service a website offers, it’s the new stuff that attracts your attention, just like shiny kitchen faucets on an old kitchen. New features make the service exciting once again, give it that spot of freshness.

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