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Have you noticed that different websites have different ways to try and attract you to buy their wares? I was browsing Branson getaways, a website that lets you book a vacation in Branson, Missouri; and I noticed that they had an option that lets you “Bid on a holiday”. The way it works is that it lets you specify what holiday you want and how much you want to pay for it, and the company behind the website will try and sort out a package for you at that price. It’s an interesting idea that lets you get the best out for your money.

I’ve never been to Branson, but it looks like a great place to visit. They have a number of museums, including one called the Titanic which is a museum built to look like its namesake. There’s a wax museum and the world’s largest toy museum and many other attractions. The website has a list of quite a few things to do, and a whole selection of packages, so if we do decide to go there one day, I’ll check it out. Oh, if I do go, they have an amazing park called Silver Dollar City that looks like just the thing to go there for!

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  1. Great utilization of space on their URL. This is a compelling call to action that will entice many to bid, “just for the fun of it”. If one in ten act on their ‘winning bid’, they are making a fantastic ROWS (Return on website space).

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