Worldwide Telescope: Take a tour of space

It seems like WorldWide Telescope is now available for people to download by Mac and PC users around the world. It’s a pretty heavy application so make sure you have a decent PC to run it on. It needs 1Gb of RAM with 2Gb recommended, 1Gb of hard disk space (10Gb for offline viewing) and a pretty decent processor and 3D graphics card.

There are some pretty good comments flying around about the application, most citing the emotional impact it had on Scoble. It’s mainly aimed at scientists and educators but is also a way to make science fun for kids.

It’s a pretty impressive product, though still unfinished? and there’s a great interview on Fast Company where Curtis Wong and Jonathan Fay, two of the guys behind the project, talk about it’s inception, some great things that they learnt while building it, and where they see the product heading.

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  1. I cut my teeth on astronomy. Thanks for telling about the computer space requirements for the application. I was the founder and first President of the Shreveport Astronomical Society in 1959. I was one of the only women Aerospace Engineers on the Apollo Project. No, I did NOT work at the Cape. There are 400,000 of us. We are still around. You have a GREAT blog! I will keep reading. Check out:
    I have so much to tell I will be blogging for a long time!
    Best wishes to you! Sara

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