Breakdown in communication

Here’s a great post about how effective communication can be the only way a problem can be resolved. It’s a story about an issue with a server backup which took 11 hours to backup 19Gb of data. The morale of the story is in understanding how the problem wasn’t initially resolved because of lack of communication and commitment between the two parties involved (administrators at the different offices) and how speaking to someone who wanted to resolve the problem was what did the trick in the end.

I quite like, it’s a well-written blog with lots of insight about quite a few things (not just design). Posts range from Perl to Adwords, from Google Gadgets to webdesign, in fact anything you might come across when working in web consultancy. Anyway, I’ve subscribed and look forward to future posts.


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  1. Simple advice from a very successful entrepreneur I got years ago:

    “When I communicate more with my employees, I make more money. When I communicate less, problems crop up. There is about a six-week lag time before problems follow when I communicate less. Doesn’t matter what you communicate, just be sure it’s two-way and do lots of it.”

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