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I’ve just published a WordPress plugin that I wrote a few months ago and never actually made available to the World. It’s called SponsorMe and lets you organise a fund raising campaign on your WordPress blog. Blog readers will be presented with a graph of the monies you have collected and an opportunity to sponsor you. Potential sponsors will be redirected to PayPal and you will have the option to verify or delete pledges depending on whether you receive the funds or not.

The graph is a bit ugly, but functional. I’ll be working to improve this in the next drop.

Please, please .. try it out and let me know what you think.

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  1. Owen,

    Thanks so much for making your SponsorMe plug-in available. I’m in the process of configuring and testing the plug-in on my website. When I enter a test pledge and press the “Sponsor Me” button, the pledge information that I entered continues to display on the form. I know how to read and update PHP and noticed a code segment were you set each form element’s value equal to the value of the variable that you defined for it. For example:


    In order to prevent the entered pledge information from appearing again after a submission, I have set value=””. Please let me know if this update will interfere with the functionality of the plug-in. As far as I can tell, the plug-in is working fine.

    I also plan to add some code to get notified via email when someone submits a pledge.


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